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Teaching VS Practicing


All the words in the world could not overpower your actions when teaching your kids. If you want you children to be kind then you must be kind. You cannot tell them to be gentle and forget to be gentle as well. I’ve noticed this in my own children. I don’t always speak as kindly as I need to and I’ve witnessed my daughter mimicking my tone almost perfectly. I have to push every day to be an example of what I would want for my children. It’s hard, most of the time, but I know God’s grace is sufficient to do that work in me. It’s my goal to seek Christ for gentleness, mercy, kindness, compassion, long suffering, and hopefulness. I want them to be generous, helpful, careful, meek, and humble. But if they are going to have any chance at that then I must be those things first. Motherhood is a difficult task, but it is one that has a great reward. <3

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We had quite an eventful weekend. This stray Mama came to our house about a month ago. Skin and bones, full of ticks and fleas, and dehydrated. We took her in and realized that she was PREGNANT. Saturday she gave birth to 10 beautiful puppies!! Mama-Mia (my 3 year old named her) and her pups are doing wonderful. We are having so much fun taking care of these little guys. I just  find it so awesome how this mama knew exactly what to do. The whole birthing process was crazy. I will admit I didn’t eat much that day because I was a little sick after watching her eat her afterbirth and every sac the baby was born in. I was still amazed at how this animal knew exactly what to do at the very moment it needed to be done with no one telling her what to do. So my husband, kids, and I were apart of an awesome experience. We all took a little something away from it. Plus we have PUPPIES!!!



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Breath of Fresh Air

I know everyone has those days where you feel like the family dynamic is just falling apart right before your eyes. It seems like the kids are going crazy, whining, complaining, arguing, and fighting. My 2 year old son threw his first full blown fit for 20 minutes today all because he wanted a sucker. Where did that come from?? He doesn’t throw fits… ever.

But then at the store later that day my kids were well behaved as usual. When I say no to them about a toy or treat they never complain. They say “Ok mama” and put it back. The worst I’ve heard from them is “aweee but I want it.” Even then I make sure to tell them that toys and treats are for special occasions and they are quick to understand. But today… There was a little boy there throwing the most nasty fit. He would not come to his Mom when she called. He was defiant. So she repeated “OK I’m leaving, bye!” about a dozen times. Although she never did leave. She was forced to go back to her son and drag him out while he kicked. My kids stared at him in amazement. I let them watch and their eyes were huge.

This makes me feel better most of the time. My kids actually do obey me. I’ve never had a scenario like what I witnessed in the store happen to me. They are happy to obey me. Most of the time. But a child isn’t going to be perfect. That’s what I need to remind myself of. So when I’m at home and I feel like the house will implode on itself because my kids aren’t getting along, I will remind myself of how well behaved my kids actually are. It’s my entrusted duty to guide my children through the rights and wrongs of life. I’m happy to do this too, even though it can be hard work at times. <3


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Just One of those Moments…

You know as a parent when you have to take a double take just to make sure that what you are seeing is actually happening? That happened to me yesterday…

The kids were taking a bath and I was cleaning up the kitchen from dinner. They had been playing for quite some time before I walked back in to find them fully dressed and swimming amongst 5 large bath towels. After making them get out I then found a bar of soap that had a bite taken out of it. Yes, they were eating the soap. There were remnants of paper wrappers from the bar of soap floating around a bottle of lotion that was opened. I stared in awe. How could two small children reek such havoc in such a short time?

In retrospect I wish I would have taken a picture or video. But I was so appalled that all I could do was frantically clean up the mess while saying “OMG… ANOTHER?!” every time I found another towel in the murky bath water. I did notice that the kids were silent as I searched through the waters for whatever else I could find. I really do wonder what they were thinking at that very moment… I think we will skip their bath tonight.